Saturday, April 5, 2008

A mystical omen/Thrifting Part II

Howdy, all!

Happy Sunny Saturday! It's about time, man. Perhaps your week was like mine; starting off slightly depressed in mood after a wicked snowstorm, then personal negativity brought on by (possible) house-buying financial stress, and then finishing with major mood improvement related to sunshine and the approaching weekend.

Today R and I were looking at a house for sale in south Minneapolis (we're not yet working with a realtor) near 35th St and 35th Ave and what did we see? A white squirrel and a regular squirrel playing grab-ass!


Clearly an omen! An omen of what, I don't know.

While we're in the critter vein, R and I welcomed some genetically-altered fish into our aquarium! Check out these GloFish!

They are cute. As usual, I'm trying to get my fish to reproduce, and purchased a silver molly pair; the female looked quite knocked up. But no babies can be found in the tank!

Once again I've been hitting the local thrift stores, even while visiting the Motherland:

The above is a dress from H&M, bought at the Goodwill in Portage, WI for $6.99.

I had great luck at the Unique Thrift Store in the Sun Ray shopping center east of St. Paul. Although a pair of jeans turned out to be too big, check out what else I found!


A khaki twin of the adorable Nine West Sport skirt I found earlier this year!
The cardigan in the above photo is pre-owned as well, coming either from Goodwill or a TurnStyle.

But the piece de resistance was finding almost new Danskos!

Please ignore the non-pedicure.

The running callus on the ball of my foot is featured here. Foxy!

So altogether, the shoes ($14.99) the skirt ($7.99) and the jeans (not pictured, $9.99) all came to $23 dollars with the Monday 25% discount! Jes.

To close, another one of my coats that my littlest sister, KW, hates!

(I took the belt off of it.)

Happy Saturday to y'all!


Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Thrift stores rule! As soon as I have some time and money, I am hittin' that shiiii. And tell that lil' sis' of yours that she is a poop head for not liking your fab yellow coat! :)

Big W said...

Squirrels playing grab-ass! An afternoon delight!

Miss Lippy said...

Before I read the little blurb about the non-pedicure, I was thinking, "Man, it's only April and her feet already look so nice. I should really deal with my feet." So if that is your non-pedicure state then I am jealous.