Sunday, January 20, 2008


Happy Sunday, Critter readers!

Currently the Patriots and Chargers are playing; soon the Packers/Giants game will commence! As my Motherland is Wisconsin, obviously I must root for the Green and Gold!

This weekend has been B family oriented as we babysat Baby B last night. It must be cool to be eight months old like our nephew; yesterday he learned how to clap his hands. I mean, that's a pretty big accomplishment!

From Christmas:

The critters have all been in hiding because of the cold weather! We've been busy; I helped PG celebrate her birthday on Friday night, while R had a boy's night at his former abode. Yesterday we had a delightful brunch, hosted by the H family and joined by the S family. Delicious! I zoomed to the Met Regional auditions, but missed mezzo AA's performance. Today we had a B family brunch, because JB and her fiance JF were in town from Colorado.

Because of the lack of critters, today I've decided to focus on another of my hobbies: Thrift Store Shopping. If you're not squeamish about buying used garments, I highly recommend shopping at Goodwills, Salvation Armies and the like. Also, it's a great idea to look at the resale shops of rural areas and smaller towns, as there might be more vintage items there. Here are a few of my favorite thrift store finds!

The skirt and jacket are from the Methodist Church thrift shop in my hometown; I just got the raspberry sweater (Ann Taylor Loft) from a Unique Thrift store last weekend with my mother-in-law. (A wonderful adventure!)


This skirt is brown, if you can't tell. It is the Elevenses brand from Anthropologie, purchased at a local Goodwill. The textured shirt, from Goodwill too, I think, is originally from Talbot's.

Look at the layers in the skirt!

These items are from two different Unique Thrift stores. I love the skirt, which I think will be a good addition to my summer skirt collection, which mostly consists of one ratty denim skirt I wear every day! It's Nine West Sport or something like that. The sweater was from Benetton and still had the tags on it.

I found this New York and Co skirt at a Goodwill this summer; the t shirt is from Old Navy and is from TurnStyle, a name-brand consignment shop.

One of the favorite things I own must be my coat collection! About 80% comes from resale shops, including these two treasures from the Burnsville Unique Thrift store:

This was in the vintage section; it's a real heavy wool knit. I think it cost $5.99, but I did dry clean it and purchased the buttons you see in the picture, and paid a tailor to sew them on. The buttons cost more than the coat!

This is Calvin Klein...possibly $5.99 as well?

A fall coat, from either Portage or Ripon WI, which I think my little sister K especially hates!

This week I joined my sisters AB and KB for my first clothing swap. I packed up a grocery bag of sweaters and random stuff I haven't worn in over a year. Usually I make a Goodwill drop off of unwanted items every spring and fall, at least, so I didn't have too much to give away. It didn't seem that anyone picked up any of my garments! But it was a chance to meet some new folks, AND someone put THIS in the purse pile.



Yay, a new Coach bag for FREE! It's bigger than my other two, which I purchased for around $50 each at a resale shop and on Ebay.

You'll notice that there are no pants in my thrift hoard. I've had bad luck with finding pants that fit me, and usually have to pay full price for them. But, at the Goodwill in Burnsville, I did find this pair of REI brand men's zip-off pants:

I think they retail about $50 in the REI store. I have another pair of these I bought from that retailers "Scratch and Dent" sale; they had a broken zipper. I just put a paper clip on there and they work fine! These pants are perfect for camping and I couldn't pass them up for just $4.99.

I hope this post encourages you to go shopping at your local thrift store! It's a great way to fill your need for retail therapy without breaking the bank. Pick a day when you aren't in a hurry and feel like digging, and you could find some great new clothes!

My ultimate thrifting goals include finding a pair of Danskos in my size, finding cowboy boots, or some other kind of kick-ass boot, and of course scoring some flattering pants or jeans. But tomorrow AB and I are heading to Woodbury to check a new-to-me thrift store! I'll keep you posted about what we find!

What treasures have you found at the Goodwill?



Katy said...

geez wendell!! this is my favorite post yet! i didn't think they could get any better, but seeing you modeling all these fab finds is such a treat. was so fun to brunch with ya this morn.

ben and i want to thrift with you sometime soon. he is really good at shopping, extreme patience with his mama. let me know how the one in woodbury is.

big luvs! kt

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

BEAUUUUtiful. Wendell, I can see it now, you're own show on O...Thrifting with Wendell!!

Miss Lippy said...

I think you should continue to post about your thrift store finds - it's sort of like stalking elusive creatures. I myself like the St. Vinny's Dig-n-Save on Park St. in Madison. It is the last stop for St. Vinny's crap before they give it away free. You have to dig through giant cardboard bins that are at least 64 cubic feet each. Clothes are a dollar a pound, 50 cents on Wednesday! I have found many treasures there, including a hand-knit winter white scarf that is 10 feet long and a pink DNKY summery skirt - got it for a quarter! Jackpot!

Senor R said...

Lookin' good. Nice work!