Thursday, January 24, 2008

Morning Moon.

Happy Friday, all!

I hope you've had a good week and that the cold weather hasn't caused any disasters in your lives. Thankfully our vehicles have been behaving.

One day a week I teach a few music lessons at a suburban high school. The parking lot of this establishment is horrifying; students running around without looking where they are going, driving around without looking where they're going. The day after I taught at the high school, I noticed a pretty big dent in the rear passenger door of the Road Toad. Doh! Obviously someone was parking (or reversing) too quickly near my car. At least the door opens and the paint isn't scratched, but what a bummer.

In Random Vending Machine Food news, this week I tried a new item from the student lounge at my school. Spicy Honey Mustard Kettlecorn. I know, what? I had to try it. I am a popcorn addict and this popcorn really punches you in the eye with the spicy mustard taste. But then the flavor mellows out and you can detect a delicate kettle corn taste. I bought a bag for R to try.

Side Note to CH originally from Indiana: Have you heard of a town called Popcorn, Indiana? (I guess it's near Bloomington.)

There was a full moon this week. Around 7 am on Wednesday morning the moon was "shining" in the northwestern sky outside our kitchen window. Even better, I noticed a murder of crows flying by.


It was cool to hear them cawing in the relative quiet of the morning. In this picture the crows are sitting in the tree in the far right of the photograph.

The colored lights you see in the center of the picture are on the western, or Minneapolis, side of the Mississippi.

Hopefully more critters will emerge this weekend as the temperatures rise!



Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Your camera is cool if it can take pictures of the moon! It was so fun to talk to you Friday night! Peace!

joe_schoebel said...

MAJOR CRITTER REPORT>>>SUNDAY 1/27...WAUSAU - I was awakend at 3am by my girlfriend screaming in the kitchen due to the fact a WEASEL was running around. I believe it was either a short tailed or least weasel. Completely white w/ a short tail and a black tip. About 8" long. Apparnetly he's been sighted in her bedroom again. (No pun intended)

How do you remove weasels from residential structures (especially with a 5 year old in the same house)???

Senor R said...

Pretty, doll.