Wednesday, January 2, 2008



Happy Going-Back-to-Work Day! Ha ha, I don't start working until the 16th! $$$ Instead, I messed around on the computer for a few hours, had a great chat with my buddy TdB from New Jersey, went to a step class at the gym which TOTALLY DESTROYED ME (more on that later), got groceries, checked out three fun books from the library, did the dishes and now am back on the computer.

In Ryan Adams news, "Easy Tiger" was voted by listeners as album number 32 out of the "Top 89 of 2007" from our local radio station The Current. My sister AG gave me two Whiskeytown cd's for Christmas! I squealed with delight upon opening them; they are Ryan Adam's first, defunct band! The cd's are Stranger's Almanac and Pneumonia. Thanks AG!

Recently Maven mentioned the idea of wanting to try something completely new and challenging. R and I are planning on registering for a sprint triathlon, and so yesterday we took Elsie the truckster to the gym pool. While we both have experience with running and biking, swimming is another story.


Sorry Michael Phelps; I suck at swimming. Hopefully we can register for a swimming class in town, because I need help with my "stroke". I like to think the fact that I can run for a few miles without stopping means I'm somewhat in shape, but attempting to swim proves something different. Like, I'm in shape, except for the arm and leg motions required while swimming. And also I choked on some water a few times.

But it is humbling and freeing to do something at which you do not excel. R is more proficient at swimming and more buoyant than I am, but I know if I work hard I will improve and end up with a physique like Michael Phelps be able to succeed during the swim portion of the triathlon.

I AM proficient at step aerobics, but today's class hurt my entire ass-leg. Next time I will only use one block under my step instead of two.

Maybe step aerobics would be easier if I wore a get up like this:


Instead of this:

(Really I wear stretchy capris or shorts and a t shirt, and shoes.)

Returning the focus to critters, today I saw a
in the backyard and a
on a light post.

Hope you enjoyed the sunny day!

Sore Wendell


Katy said...

wow wend! this triathlon talk is exciting! d and i sit here reading and are intrigued... we may be interested in checking this out with our favorite w and r! can you give us some details? you are super cute in your exercise gear. luv, kt

Maven said...

Y'all is crazy with your sprint triathlon. And I have to say that even though this was a low-critter content post, I really enjoyed it. PS: I still don't know what my personal challenge is going to be. Maybe I should do a triathlon too. I can swim okay...

Katie said...

I hate exercise more than just about anything, but today I walked up a sledding hill about 50 times and my ass hurts.

I think you should make me a Ryan Adams sampler CD. I don't have much of his stuff.

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

LOVE the muscle pic!! You look WAY better than that crazy pink lady!

Miss Lippy said...

I like that you refer to your ass-leg. I hurt my ass-leg all the time and hate how many words I have to use to bitch about it. Now I will just say ass-leg.

Also, I'm glad you saw a hawk. They make my day.