Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Happy Frigid Wednesday, Critter Readers!

It seems winter has many stages, and I think this week we've officially reached "pissed off"! But the weekend looks better. Maybe we'd feel warmer if we had the cold weather superpowers of this little guy:

Knut the polar bear, in his younger days.

Soon we will learn more about polar bears and other members of their family!

In Not Minnesota news, my cousin TubaMan recently traveled to Mexico! He wrote a critter-filled and photographically beautiful post over here! Thanks for the shoutouts, TubaMan!

Animals in the news:

Minnesota may restrict elephant rides.

Our local Como Park Zoo polar bears need a place to crash for a while!

A mystery disease is killing bats out East! My bat Creature Feature is here.

The largest rodent ever?!!!

Horseshoe crabs are even older than scientists once believed!

Coming soon: Another Critter Corner milestone!

Hugs and