Friday, October 9, 2009


Dear Critter Readers, specifically The Carrot Queen, how are you?

I'm sorry to abandon you for the last two months. What happened was school and six-day work weeks and several 10 day plus work marathons. Then I needed to spend quality time with R and Bobo, eat, do laundry, rehearse, etc.

What has happened since August 10th? Sister KB and I did a triathlon!

Next came my birthday and a big surprise! R, AM, KB and RM arranged to purchase and secretly deliver a new piano for me! Here nephew B and I play a duet:

I went thrifting 1000 times and bought cool stuff (next post). One $1.99 garment seemed perfect for our little niece, M:

The piano necessitated a living room rearrangement (provided by the peeps listed above). I enhanced it by finding a cool tv stand and coffee table at Aldi. I am obsessed with that store. And the furniture doesn't seem half bad!

R and his Pa have been busy remodeling the upstairs bathroom, one Saturday at a time. So far it's gone from:

Last weekend R, Bobo and I visited my sister AG and her hubby TG's cabin in Northeast WI. It was great to see the fall colors, my Mom, A's dog Ninja and most of all, A's baby bump!

I have nicknamed the baby "Beavis".

We tried to attract wildlife by leaving an offering:
I believe Stella ate it.

We did see some chipmunks though, and eagles.


That's the report. I may have saw a fox running into the alley across the street, but maybe it was a dog. Today I planted 70 of the 400 bulbs I bought. Went a bit overboard on bulbs!

Hugs and warm coats,