Sunday, April 20, 2008

Marmot Encounter

Dear Readers,

Has the warmth and sunshine this weekend lifted you out of your funk? Me too!

The critters are excited about spring as well. In fact, last Sunday, I had a close encounter with a marmot, IN MY OWN BACKYARD!


R took this picture of me later on Sunday. The important thing to notice (other than my fabulous sunglasses, which were $12 at TJ Maxx) is the ledge on which I'm standing. As I approached our Road Toad Honda, a marmot was peeking its head over the ledge! I paused where I was standing, wishing I had our camera (should have used my phone camera). Then I wondered if the marmot was going to attack me! I slowly walked forward, and the rodent retreated under my neighbor's car. The excitement! I almost wanted to skip the opera I was going to see in order to track the marmot!

I love marmots so much.

Several entries ago I stated we were thinking of purchasing a home. We have since decided that we should wait another year, and then after that thought made us sad, we cut our price point in half and started looking once more. R and I still might not buy a house, and if we can't afford one I have only one thing to blame:

I don't know; is it worse to use disposable razors or to use these expensive Mach 3 refills?! Disaster.

Today we combined a fabulous bike ride with some informal house-hunting over South. I checked out Powderhorn Park for the first time (fab) and had my inaugural crossing of the Hiawatha Greenway Suspension Bridge!

It was cool; almost like riding along the deck of a crazy ship.

The bridge is connected to the Greenway, a former railroad line that has been changed to a bike and walking path, which links the Mississippi River across town to Lake Calhoun.

After biking home, I hastened to the southwest side of our apartment building with an iced tea, a new book and my lawn chair. Is it wrong to say that one of the absolute greatest pleasures in my life is sitting outside and reading a great book? Inevitably I feel total contentment and peace with the world while doing those two activities.

A kitty cat walked by while I was reading, and paused and meowed when I called to it, but did not approach me for petting. His loss, I guess! I also saw the first one of these:
blue jay.jpg

I hope your week starts off smoothly!



Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Do you think marmots wear sunglasses when they go tanning? hee hee

Senor R said...

Nice Blue Jay photo. Is a mamrot the same as the thing in PA that they call a groung squirrel? Like that one fatso that looks for his shadow each year?