Sunday, April 27, 2008

Critters of India Part II

Howdy, Critterfarians!

I hope you have all been doing well this week! As usual, I will start out with a lame statement about the weather: it snowed and was cold and I did not feel like exercising. And I did feel like eating copiously.

My posting has become sporadic due to 1. improving weather 2. the end of the semester 3. increased busy-ness. Next weekend we're heading up north to Lake Winnibigoshish for the nuptials of R's youngest sister, JB!

JB in her CO hostel:

And also, soon I will return to the nomadic existence of being a temp. I know I will be reprising a previous position at a university bookstore, to once again work alongside 16 year olds and feel like a weirdo.

In critter news, today my critter skillz were utilized in a baby shower game; the guests had to guess the names of baby animals. Here are some examples for you to ponder!

Which Critter goes with which Baby?

beaver ********* hatchling
fox ********* cria
eel ********* joey
turtle ********* kit
opossum ********* pup
llama ********* elver

Here are the answers!

beaver ******** pup (or kitten)
fox ******** kit (or pup)
eel ******** elver
turtle ******** hatchling
opossum ******* joey
llama ******** cria

I think it was a fun game! Unfortunately I had to leave the shower early and missed the gift opening and other games. Shout outs to all the ladies and the expectant mother, JS!

While I have several ideas for interesting critter entries, today once more I will steal from recorder player PG and her recent trip to India!

The previously mentioned chipmunk of the Sub-continent!
a chipmunk on the grounds.JPG

A working camel:

A herd of goaters:
goats and sheeps everywhere-1.JPG

What cows eat in India:
this guy is hungry.JPG

A baby monkey!
a tiny monkey.JPG

Some building or whatever:

SO! Hopefully more entries will follow; of course expect a up north wedding adventure post next week. Finally, a huge thanks to world-traveler PG, from whom I've jacked all of these critter pictures!


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