Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wendell's Weaknesses

Hey all,

Any adventures lately? Any critter sightings? Yesterday R and I spotted three deer crossing a frozen swamp off of 494 in Maple Grove! A hawk swooped past as well.

The end of the year is a time of reflection, and the approaching holidays illustrate clearly one of my weaknesses. I am bad at wrapping presents. This is a source of much derision and hilarity from my family; maybe I don't improve my wrapping skill on purpose to maintain the status quo.

Other weaknesses include a limited ability to open packages, such as milk cartons, bags of chips, etc. Like everyone, I do have some superpowers as well, such as the aptitude to sing fast and high, the possession of wash-and-go hair and the ability to make homemade pie crust.

This sounds like a Domestic Nemesis post, so I'll dedicate it to Ms. Non-Sequitur, as she is busily finishing papers for her penultimate semester of grad school! You can do it, G!

Photographic evidence.
Once a co-worker helped me wrap a package; she used the box to estimate the size of the wrapping paper needed and then ROTATED it 180 degrees; the present was wrapped perfectly. Maybe I have trouble with spacial relationships.

The finished present:
It's not too bad.

It's hard for everyone to wrap soft presents, right?

It's just a little wrinkly at the corner.

Giant presents are the hardest. I really like using all the scraps of wrapping paper, hence this half and half gift:
Disaster. Ha ha, it's for R!

This one isn't too bad from the side:

But can you see the strip of paper I used to cover the exposed box?
It's either feast or famine with my wrapping; way too much paper or definitely not enough!

Ah. It feels better having admitted one of my weaknesses! I hope you're all having a great day!



Ms. Non Sequitur said...

ha ha! Love it! I thought your wrapping was just superb! :)

Big W said...

I had no idea! Scandalous!

Katie said...

I wanna know what's in the giant box!