Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Minnesota


How are you? Tuesday finds me tired and dry-eyed after starting my new temp job at the University of Minnesota! A two week adventure! I'm wishing it was spring/summer/fall though (wait, it IS fall...) I mean, not 20 degree December weather, because this workplace is within easy biking distance and even walking distance. I'm busing it instead.

In the Critter News:
The brightest meteor shower of 2007? (I know meteors aren't critters but you could encounter a creature while observing the night sky outdoors!)

Here's some good news about Earth!

The New Mexico meadow jumping mouse is threatened. So cute!

A new dinosaur that used to live in Antarctica!

I have a great idea for a Creature Feature that came to me in a dream! But for now, some photos from my sister in law, JB, who has recently relocated to Colorado! R and I are hoping to visit her during Spring Break.

From a few weeks ago:

Sis JB herself, rapidly renewing her boarding skillz!
(R snowboards too, which is really hot. I've decided to stick with skiing.)

Fresh pow: a view from one of the lifts at Monarch Mountain:


Thanks for the lovely photos, J!

The title "Not Minnesota" prompted me to think about what is the exact opposite of Minneapolis on the globe. Yikes! After messing around on Google Earth for a minute, it seems like if you type in the Minneapolis longitude and put in an eastern latitude, you end up in a mountainous region southwest of Weihai, China!

Hope you're well, more l8r.

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Miss Lippy said...

I wish I could snowboard. I tried skiing during spring break last year and I took out no less than three people while getting off the lift. Bummer. Are you coming home for Christmas? I may make a weight watchers snack of some sort. Then again, I might just bury my face in your mom's cheesecake.