Sunday, December 2, 2007


Happy December!

I hope you all have enjoyed the snowstorm! On Friday night I was really ticked off because of the impending snowfall, but I realized I needed to embrace and accept the season. My attitude was also improved by seeing our favorite local band that night, Kubla Khan! They premiered a new love song!

In Ryan Adams news, did you know he released a new EP a few weeks ago? Check it out! It features two new songs and a cover of Alice in Chains' song "Down in a Hole" that R especially hates. But I love it, and especially love the Cardinals version of "Dear John", which made me cry at their Cedar Cultural Center show this June.

In Critter Newz:

All the rats on this island are to be killed? Yikes! What a cute raton photo, though.

This cat is a survivor!

Do yeti exist or not?

While R was out and about during the storm, I made my first pumpkin cheesecake. (Big W, it was awesome...Paula Deen's recipe. But I won't bring it to Christmas, no worries.)
It was also the inaugural usage of my wedding shower springform pan!

Today, I was very excited to take a snowy walk! I love nature excursions with R.

Here is Hwy 94. I don't know why all the pigeons chose that one light post!

More of the footbridge.


A bird's eye view:

Speaking of birds, can you spot the hidden one in this photo?

Could it be...the pileated woodpecker?!

We headed down to the river.
Above is the Short Line railroad bridge, and the first of what would amount to 1,000 goose sightings.

We figured the geese must have been procrastinating on the whole migration thing, and really got freaked out that it finally snowed! Now they're headed for the border! So to speak.

One must always look for creatures.

The Wild R. Please notice his sunglasses as a lens popped out somewhere between the river and our crib! It's their final photograph.

The Franklin Avenue bridge:

Here's a similar shot in September!
Curses, I hate winter! Wait, no, I am accepting and welcoming the present.

I hope you all remained safe and cozy this weekend! Let me know if you see any critters in the snow!



Maven said...

Awwww, neighborhood memories!

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Up til 1:00 last night...and after..let's see, let's say 6 hours, I only had 2 pages!!! I am the slowest mother f'in paper writer in the world!

PS: Great Alien message.

Big W said...

The cheesecake looks divine!