Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Delights

Hello Christmas Critter Lovers!

How are you? I hope everyone had a good holiday and didn't come home with a cold like I did.

I'm honestly looking forward to my boring and predictable New Year's Resolution of losing weight. Man, did we eat and eat!

First we had a Christmas brunch with the B family. Sis JB had big news! She and JF are now engaged!

JB and Baby B:
Baby B was unsure about the lion costume.

Congrats sister J!

The required Aunt/Uncle/Baby B photo:
Photography hint: always position the baby to hide your double chin.

After driving to central Wisconsin in snow, rain and heavy fog, respectively, I was reunited with my budster GH, the Domestic Nemesis!
We hadn't seen each other since Labor Day weekend.

My sister L's sweetie, CC, appears skeptical about the W/S Christmas party:

I just realized I didn't take any photos of L and CC's new puppy!

The men huddled together to watch the Vikings game. Let's just say R stayed pretty quiet! (The Vikings lost.)

The ladies were having more fun anyway.


Who is JS calling?!

HS is on the phone, with my sister K and her boyfriend JL supervising.

My Dad and L share a moment. (Look how shiny her hair is! That's what happens when you stop dying it.)

Even sister A and T-Dogg's pup "Kung Fu" was festive in this little polo shirt!

Christmas morning was delightful as always...we even slept in until 8!
A critter present!

R's dreams came true!

You know you're in Wisconsin when:
T-Dogg is a big Brett Favre fan. Note "Kung Fu" in the bottom of the photograph, wearing the new doggy fleece R and I bought him!

We also had a great time with my Mom's side of the family on Christmas eve, and my Dad's side later on Christmas day. I don't think we took any pictures of these events, however!

Yesterday on our ride home we spotted hawks, deer, cows, horses, goats, buffalo and a dead fox!

More critter reports to follow. Have a great Friday!



Maven said...

DAAAAAMN, that's a cute baby. I also like that GH has your senior picture on the fridge. Or is that your headshot?

Maven said...

Also, I am tooootally looking forward to losing weight and exercising more. I know I could have started any time, but it's such a losing battle during the holidays. Plus if you approach the holidays with fatness, you get to enjoy a lot more fatty food. LIke the fondue I'm about to go eat.

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Great pics! I love how you can put so many up! I'm a ding dong and can only put up 5.

Maven...while I know I should have Wendell's senior pic on my fridge...I'm afraid I drove over to the wilderness to hang with her fam!

Hope you had a good holiday too!

Dom Nem