Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trees, bagels.


I hope you are enjoying the sun today as we recover from another dumping of snow. Even though I live about three miles from my job downtown, it still took me an hour to get home last night! R was wishing he could have jumped out of the window of his bus (on the same route I took) because it would've been faster to walk!

We live near the top of a hill, and I love the southwestern-facing view from our office window. Here is a sunset from a few weeks ago:

And what it looks like this morning:

When there are still leaves on the trees, and the sun is setting and sort of sparkling through the foliage, I really want to be a painter and try to capture that on canvas. Do you ever feel that way? It might be fun to experiment with art, which I haven't done too much since junior high.

The B family is really into silly hats, costumes and props for family functions. Thanksgiving was no exception. Sis AB found a giant bagel at Goodwill and it became an important photo op for the holiday. Of course the cutest photos feature our nephew, Baby B. Even though I, myself sat on the bagel, it probably makes the most appropriate seat for him.


Happy Tuesday!

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