Monday, February 2, 2009

Marmot Day!

Dear Critter Readers,


Happy Groundhog's Day! This historic date, February 2nd, marks the fourth anniversary of Wendell's Critter Corner!

It was so cold here this morning I fear I already know Punxatawney Phil's prediction!



Miss Lippy said...

Hey, Wendell! I'm pleased with your post. The Student Council I advise serves an annual Groundhog Day Breakfast, and I took it upon myself to put up a bulletin board educating the student body about alternate names for the creature. Whistle pig is my favorite by far, but whatever he's called I hope he's friggin' wrong about six more weeks of winter...

Cousin JS said...

ahh...I still wish ground hogs were more optimistic.

FYI - there hasn't been any sighting of the weasel this winter. I think Stella might be a worthy contender for king (or queen) pooper of the household!