Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ryan Adams Update

Howdy, y'all!

Here in Minneapolis we're experiencing a heatwave, which for Minnesota in January is 37 degrees. Lots of folks were out and about today, including Stella and I, trying out the waist leash for another run! It was a very muddy excursion. Only in Minnesota do you see joggers wearing both shorts and stocking caps!

In Critter-free Ryan Adams news:
(Oooh, HOT!)

Because my work commute is about seven minutes, I haven't been doing the extensive Ryan Adams listening that I've done in the past. So I've been revisiting their latest album, Cardinology, while doing the dishes. It is awesome, upon further listening.

Upon doing some interweb research tonight, though, I came across this horrifying article. RYAN ADAMS QUITTING MUSIC?!? Disaster.

I realize that I haven't given a report on the Ryan Adams and the Cardinals/Oasis concert I saw at the Target Center back in December.


It was mostly really cool; finally I got to hear The Cardinals perform "When the Stars Go Blue". They did a little bit of jamming on "Off Broadway" and a slow version of "Let it Ride", which were both sort of lame. Ryan acted crazy as usual, flopping down over his guitar and forgetting the words on "Natural Ghost" and giggling. Also he sounded great, also as usual.


The new Oasis album "Dig Out Your Soul" was awesome and it was great to hear a legendary band play in a huge venue. Noel Gallagher lived up to his reputation as a chode, sort of arrogantly strutting around the stage and carrying a tambourine for no reason. Although he did give it to a fan at the end of the concert! Liam was very polite and chatted with the audience, asking us why we all didn't move to California. When the we booed he said, "Yes, ok, but today they're wearing shorts in California!" It was really funny. More info on their tour together here.

Ryan suggested that his March 20th Atlanta show will be his last (for now) with the Cardinals! Currently they're in Australia but are finishing the Cardinology tour in the U.S. south.

Well, if Ryan does go on hiatus I hope it's not for too long!


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