Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday Critters

Hey Critterfarians,

Hope your week is smoov! Here in MN we're having a warm snap, and yesterday Stella and I went on a run together. We saw:

Pileated Woodpecker flight.jpg

A pileated woodpecker in flight!

And a bunch of geese in the Mississippi:


I've been seeing flocks of robins near the river, but yesterday there was one in the tree outside my office window downtown.


Here are two robins near the river. Down by the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue bridge there is what appears to be some kind of wastewater treatment land, closed off with a fence. The ground must be quite warm, as it is snow-free and steam rises from it. There were about 30 robins rooting around in the soil; maybe worms were in there. Or maybe it was just a warm spot! Anyway, I'll have to photograph it.


Another Critters and Kids feature is coming soon!

Happy Thursday,

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