Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Walk

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone got to have a relaxing day like I did. We started the day late, but as you can see here Stella was ready to explore, starting by claiming the back of the couch!


It was a great day to take a long walk. We headed out to the Mississippi River Winchell Trail, just a block from our house.

In the distance you can see the Short Line railroad bridge over the river. In the mornings I can see the sun rising beyond it and the view is spectacular.

The Wild R and the Snow Dog under the bridge!


The view over the water:

The cawing of crows led us on. It was weird to see them on the Mississippi River ice!

Here you can see more of the murder of crows, the Short Line bridge and the Franklin Avenue bridge in the background.

We discovered this section of the Winchell Trail in the last few weeks. It heads south, popping you out at the Lake Street bridge. You can see how tall the bluff is in the following photo, along with some of its lovely limestone outcroppings.


I am on vacation now before the semester starts mid-month. Hopefully this will mean one million blog posts!



Sarah said...

great graffiti shot; also like the one of stella at couch elevation.

Big W said...

I approve of the dog garment.

Poundpapi said...

Huzzah for the old neighborhood!!!

Miss Lippy said...

That looks like a very nice way to spend New Year's Day. I continue to like your dog.