Monday, December 29, 2008


Howdy y'all!

I hope you all had a good holiday and are getting excited for New Year's Eve. In the last few years my enthusiasm for this holiday has waned, although this year we are invited to an early evening event. Last year I think R was sick.

We returned on Saturday from our trip to WI:

(The rest of the photos can be seen on the Flickr screen to the right)---->.

As for critters, I've got a few ideas for future posts. But for now, it's all about the squirrels. First, they destroyed my suet feeder. It started slowly. The squirrel broke the hanging part first, so I had to ghetto-rig the roof back on with a wire. Then the rodents stole the whole wire cage thing!


Needless to say, the suet cake was gone.

Upon returning to Minneapolis, the squirrels broke the "squirrel-proof" panel off of our bird feeder:


But I put it back on.

The squirrels also attempted to bite through our screen to get to one of R's frozen lasagna portions!

That is my critter report; pretty weak! Uh, we did see some wild turkeys on our road trip!

More soon!

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Bill said...

My family was just talking about suet. I was questioning whether or not mince meat pie actually had meat in it. Someone elderly told me it used to contain suet, which strikes me as both disgusting and appealing.