Friday, December 19, 2008

Randy rando

Man, December has been a little slim on the posts. Might be the only slim thing about December, har har har! The semester finished up nicely last Wednesday, and this week and last I've been working a job involving text books, shelves, and my arms. I'll let you put those three together in your mind.

In order to quell my $5 Footlong guilt, tonight I took Stella on her first run with me! We went just over three miles. Currently she is sleeping on the floor next to the computer!

Here's Stella in her winter coat:

We found a cool Martingale collar from Canada:
It's purple with gold filigree, if you can't tell. I figured it would be appropriate for a both a princess-dog and a Viking fan (R).

Sick of cute dogs? Here are some alternatives:
A spider hanging out in our office.

A lasagna lovingly made by R:

R is the lasagna chef in our family, and made two different types last Saturday. The above photo is of the Cook's Illustrated "Lasagna Bolognese", for which he reduced one billion cups of whole milk and white wine into a delicate bechemel, food processed veggies into tiny particles, cooking them together with ground meats; then let the fillings cool, shredded a lot of parmesan and carefully assembled the lasagna.

The other kind of lasagna is R's specialty; purchased sauce, lots of shredded mushrooms, peppers and zucchini, crumbled Italian sausage, garlic and basil-infused ricotta, topped with plenty of mozzarella and some pepperoni.

Um, can you guess which one tasted better?! Yes, it was R's own version. It's always good to try new recipes, methinks. Especially if I just get to try the finished result!

Hopefully I'll post again before Christmas; that is if I survive a "brief" trip to the mall this weekend.



Miss Non-Sequitur said...

Please. I need some of R's lasagna. Cute dog collar...I guess I'll vote for the Vikes if they make it to the superbowl even if the Packers are the greatest team ever!

Miss Lippy said...

I like Stella. Please bring her to Christmas.

Poundpapi said...

Dogs in coats kill me. In the best way.

Senor R said...