Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankgiving and tree trimming.

Howdy all!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you, or the end of it, I guess.

Last weekend I traveled to WI, where I bonded with Dom Nem (did you take any pictures, G?!) and my sisters and cousins. Sisters:
buster 016.JPG
(K and L might be a bit windburned due to sitting in trees all day, deer hunting.)

And cousins, aka Big W and Miss Lippy:
buster 015.JPG

It was fun to hang out as a group!

For Thanksgiving we headed down to R's ancestral homeland. I managed to amuse Baby B for a few minutes with this book.

On Saturday R and I went to Menards to get our Christmas tree; possibly more cheaply than in my small hometown. We bought an eight foot tree for $26.

R does not appreciate the unicorn ornament collection of my youth and arranged these two to look like they were mating!

Weirdly, I came up with a crafty tree trimming idea. R and I have "competed" in many races over the years; Twin City 10 miles, Grandma's Half Marathon, etc, and we often receive medals for completing the race. I figured, why not turn them into Christmas ornaments?!

You can either cut the ribbons and tie the ends together, as I did with my triathlon medal:

Or get fancy like R did and hot glue the ends together decoratively:


To me this seems like a great way to display these medals; they're a part of our personal history, and otherwise they were sitting in drawers or hanging on a rack in a closet somewhere.

I have about eight days of teaching left in the semester! Crazy.

Hugs and snow-critters,


Miss Non-Sequitur said...

LOVE the ornaments. Especially the unicorns mating! Your tree almost looks as good as mine!


Big W said...

The ornaments are seriously great.

I had nearly blacked out the unicorn obsession. I'm reliving it now though...that was intense.

I paid $30 for my big tree, so you are indeed saving big money. Argh.


Miss Lippy said...

Dude, are you kidding me? I think proof of lugging my ass 13 miles needs to be prominently displayed year round. I wear mine every Friday. Okay, that's a lie, and I might steal your ornament idea. The word verification for this is "konesty." What a nice oxymoron!