Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Moving miscellany

Howdy, y'all! Homeowner Wendell here. The last two weeks have been really amazing. Here's a photo montage of the events.

Moving Day:
Pizza for the helpers!




But because of R's traditional Halloween/Birthday party, we cleaned up and prepared to rokk with our friends!

The birthday boy and I! We were not really that creative on the costume front, however.


(CN dressed up as a Clinique Counter lady! Clearly PG is interested in some new makeup!)

Gratuitous munchkin shot:
(Baby B in a dinosaur costume!)

Last weekend my Mom and sis AG came to visit!

But it wasn't all fun and games! Other than going out to dinner, shopping and putzing around, I also put them to work:
We planted a bunch of daffodils, four irises and some allium thingys. Most of the bulbs were sold out.

Note the mini-pumpkins; AG noticed a squirrel running off with one! We intercepted the beast and recovered the fruit. But by Monday all three of the pumpkins had been stolen!


We went to R's ancestral homeland where I purchased an Arts and Crafts plant stand at an antique store, only $28:
DSCN4138.JPG Note the quarter sawn oak.
It is about knee high, perfect for our living room.

The to-do list includes:
Put away 1001 pairs of shoes
Buy a piano
Put away books...but where is the best place for the book shelves?
Clean and display china
Get a futon
Want different coffee table, couch and rug
Hang up artwork
Find permanent spots for plants
Clean everything

More critteration to follow,


Cousin JS said...

So you went to the Halloween Party as Cher and Steve Irwin? How creepy.

Miss Lippy said...

Awesome house! I'm so excited for you guys. I think I'll invite myself over for a weekend when you're all settled in. It's unfortunate about the mini pumpkins, but I suspect you'll now be seeing lots of curious neighborhood animals...