Friday, November 7, 2008

Further Squirrel Mysteries

Hello, all!

Today marks the first real snow in Minneapolis!

Upon buying our house, we discovered the previous owner had left a bird feeder behind. When I suggested to R that we fill it with birdseed, he expressed fear that squirrels would overtake our yard and infiltrate the attic, or something. I reminded him that our yard is surrounded by oak trees and that his point might have been moot.

After hanging the bird feeder on our single clothesline pole, I wondered if the metal post made it a squirrel-proof feeder. But the birdseed is almost gone after I filled it less than a week ago, and also:




Quite a healthy beast, no? I wonder if he stole my mini-pumpkins. Well, maybe the wildlife needed them more than I did.

I'm excited to see how they jump up on the bird feeder; if the corroded pole is rough enough to climb, or if they leap from the nearby bush or tree.

Finally, we have the opportunity to get a free pit bull puppy in the next few weeks. My Mom is horrified by the idea. Any reader input?


The Pisarzewicz Family said...

A pit bull?! No! Don't do it. A pit bull is what killed Phoebe.

Wendell said...

Yeah, I think we're going to postpone any dog acquiring until the spring. Having never had one, I might be leaning toward being a dog-free family.

Miss Lippy said...

I'm currently trying to talk RFL out of getting a lab puppy in the spring. He said I could name it if he gets one. I told him I'm going to name it "Resentment." There are some sweet bird feeders on the market that will spin if too much weight is placed on them. Birds can eat freely, but squirrels get launched. It's worth the cost simply for the entertainment value!