Thursday, July 3, 2008

Recent Encounters.


Are you ready for the Fourth of July weekend!? R and I are getting ready to head to the Motherland, and then down to Peoria for a wedding on his side of the family. Yay!

I am excited to report the first vole sighting of the year! I was walking to work, and an enterprising vole ran out on the sidewalk in front of me, noodled around curb-side, and then hightailed it across the road! I yelled for him to be careful, but the vole made it safely across!

Check out this vole story!


A more somber encounter was at the break room at work. I'd heard rumors of infestation, but witnessed this firsthand as a colleague and I opened the door. I saw a flash of movement near my feet, and as I lifted my foot to take a step a dead cockroach was revealed! I'd just squished it! It's good I did it by accident, because some of those big guys freak me out too much to step on. EEeeeeeee!


My cockroach blog, with expired pics, sorry.

Keep me posted about any Independence Day critter sightings!


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Senor R said...

Taka a looksie at my critter sightings! Happy 4th!