Monday, July 28, 2008

B Family Wedding!

Howdy, y'all!

I hope you've been doing well. Things are good here, although I feel a little guilty about not writing very much this summer. The whole working 8 to 4:30 thing is taking up some of my time, along with busy weekends and activities, not to mention the triathlon I'm doing this Saturday!

This weekend we celebrated the wedding of R's sis AB to RM!

Unfortunately I only have action shots of the couple. This is maybe appropriate as they are both some of the busiest people I know; RM as a chef and manager of a restaurant, and AB as a grad student, thrifter, munchkin-attendant and educator.


The wedding was held at A to Z Produce, (they don't have a website) an organic farm in Stockholm, WI.

(Quite a vista for the four piggies in the background!)

Of course there was a litter of kittens running around. Bro D and Baby B snuggle this marmalade kitty.


Where the magic happens:

This is an unappetizing photo of tremendously good pizza. I can't wait to go back on a Tuesday night and have it once more!

The dessert table.

Wendell and sis K in the Motherland.

R and Wendell.

The piggies.

The B Family grew even more a few weeks ago when newlyweds ACM and RM adopted their yellow lab/border collie mix Ari. He is adorbs.

Hugs to you all and I hope to do a more critter related post soon!


Katy said...

lovely! man, when that pic was taken of us i remember thinking "because i curled my hair, i bet it looks just like wend's!!!" boy was i wrong. dang.

great fun with you sister! big luv, kt

Miss Lippy said...

I love your dress; it is definitely your color. What a nice way to spend a summer weekend.

Big W said...

You look great, and that looks like a great wedding. And I like the terminology "marmalade kitty." Good luck with your triathlon!