Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tri Wendell

Happy weekend, everyone!

I hope you are all having a great day! Currently I am recovering from my first triathlon!


R and PG were my supporters, awaking before dawn to help haul me down to Prior Lake.

Of course, I was most nervous about the swimming. I was worried about needing help or getting disqualified for swimming inside the buoys!

As we waited on the beach, music was playing. I felt it ironic that the tri organizers put "One" by Metallica into the mix..."hold my breath as I wish for death" that a good lyric for those about to plunge into the water!?!?

The swim consisted of me trying to stay calm, staring into the yellow-brown water and more often up into the blue sky and blinding sun, gasping for breath. Some backstroke occurred, and some doggy-paddling as I made sure I stayed pointed in the right direction.


So then I was like, ok, a bike ride and a little run, no big deal.
The T1 and T2 transition area.

According to R, I had one of the only old-school bikes there. He was proud of that fact. I was proud that I passed a few of the $2K+ tri bike riders on my garage sale Peugeot!

While cycling, I kept waiting for my breath to come more easily. It didn't!

The cycling portion of the tri went through some quiet country roads with rolling hills. Occasionally the scent of cow pies floated in on the breeze. I saw a few folks pulled over patching their tires...if I would have had a flat I'd a been screwed. Thankfully the Lioness worked like a charm!

My only injury occurred as I was walking my bike into the transition area. As I pulled off my helmet, a bee stung the back of my neck, in my hairline! Hater. So I tried not to focus on the pain of the sting as I settled into the running, just over a 5K.


I do a 5K nearly every time I run, so I was feeling pretty confident. The sun was hot though, and again I was all alone on a paved path going around the lake. Like the biking, the run was a lot harder than I had visualized.

My previous athletic races have been running only, a few Twin Cities Ten Miles with R and a group of peeps, a 10K with PG, and last years Grandma's Half Marathon up in Duluth. Running with friends in a big sea of people really does a lot for your endurance. Today I realized that for the first time I was doing a race by myself. The other challenge was that there were no spectators in the bike or running portions of the tri, unlike the events listed above. Receiving cheers of yelled support, hearing music, either through speakers or performed live by drum circles, garage bands or random trumpet solos really go a long way for one's morale during a race. Really most of this triathlon was like a regular, solitary work out, which made it a lot harder.

Next year I hope to do a few more triathlons (possibly one more this summer, we'll see.) I will definitely sign up for the LifeTime Fitness tri, which takes place in Minneapolis, because there will be more spectators and more competitors to help pull me along.

Critter sightings during the triathlon:

A newly deceased:

Also in the wrong place at the wrong time:

And, flying over my head as I ran:
flying heron.jpg

The bee don't get no picture 'cause I'm mad at him.

Tired but feelin' good,


Annie said...

GREAT JOB MONTY! I would have been out right away in the swimming portion. You are a rock star.....Damn bee:)

Miss Lippy said...

Congrats, Wendell. You are B.A. I think the swimming part would be the hardest and then my butt would be kicked for the remainder of the event. You should be really proud of yourself! I hope you celebrated with an oversized ice cream cone, because that's what I would have done.

Wendell said...

Miss Lippy,

Indeed; I had a giant chocolate malt, fries and a cheeseburger after the event!

Bonnie said...

WOW, you are my personal hero for that one. I would not have gotten passed the bee sting. Heck I wouldn't have gotten to the point of the bike portion in order to let the bee sting me!

Congrats to you!

Maven said...

Congratulations, Miss Thing.

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

I'm so proud of you buddy! I was just reading this again and realized I forgot to comment before!! CONGRATS and you are a SUPERSTAR!