Monday, July 21, 2008


Hey guys! I hope you are having a good Monday!

I'm quite tired from the Bachelorette weekend of Sis AB (featured here in her Party Outfit.)

We had a great time at a cabin up north! We caught up with a lot of magazines at the cabin, where I learned for the first time that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore had been dating.
(What's with the dye job, Ryan?)

I think they've broken up now, however. Man, I thought he was still dating the red-haired Banana Republic model Jessica Joffe:

Better get back into the loop!

In the Pet Peeve department:
Lately at the Twin Cities big grocery stores, the issue of bagging has moved from do-it-yourself to having baggers there. Sometimes the checkout people will also help you bag your items. The latter happened a few weeks ago, and the checkout guy placed my avocado and bag of cherry tomatoes into the same bag with, can you guess? Yes, about six metal veggie cans. It's like, you know, let me bag my own groceries if you're going to jack up my produce. Right?

R was gone this weekend as well, on his annual man-trip to the BWCA. He took the camera, and here are some of his snapshots of the Great White North. Damn, don't you want to go?

The Wild R.

The men went swimming in two waterfalls! I've never done that.



The Wild Strawberry:



Create a great day for yourself,


Ms. Non Sequitur said...

I love this outfit. Those pic R took are AMAZING. I want to eat one of those strawberries and swim in that beautiful water!!


Big W said...

Where the hell are they? I need to go immediately.