Monday, June 23, 2008

Stroll at Wood Lake

Hello everyone!

How was your first official weekend of summer?! Birthday shout-outs to Poundpapi; I'm looking forward to hearing about his celebration.

Recently life has been dominated by work and triathlon training. Three weeks to go! I'm feeling fairly competent, even at swimming, although my endurance in the water isn't the best.


This weekend I hankered for a fish taco and went to Sea Salt. It's not a place to visit by yourself; it seems there is always a huge line and a long wait for food, which is fine if you can chat with a buddy. I had raw oysters on the half shell and four fish tacos, which lacked the creamy sauce and cabbage I was hoping for. They were sprinkled instead with good salsa, cilantro and onion and served with limes. I might have to try to make my own fish tacos, although it seems the Food Network website is lacking what I want as well. Maybe I will try this recipe.

On Sunday R and I made our inaugural journey to Richfield to check out the wetland and hopefully spot some critters!

The first
of the season!

I love fat toads! A faster-moving toad hurried across our path later in the walk.

Also enjoying the sunshine:
Some turtles! A faster-moving turtle sped down the embankment and into the water later in the walk.

We also found some dried up turtle egg shells and shallow holes from which the baby turtles emerged. How amazing would it be to watch the tiny turtles making their way to the pond for the first time?! (Wendell wipes a wishful tear from her eye.)


We did see the muskrat, the red winged blackbird, a dead mole and a dead shrew! We think the latter might have been drowned out of their holes.

More Wood Lake nature:


How is your critter watching?

Have a good week, y'all!


Ms. Non Sequitur said...

I saw a man with 2 legs strolling down the sidewalk just now. Amazing. :)

Big W said...

You need to discuss the fish taco situation with Hosedog. She is obsessed with them and believes she has perfected a recipe, and I believe it has the qualities you desire.

Miss Lippy said...

Big W is right - I am obsessed with fish tacos. I put my recipe for them on my blog back in March or early April when Hode and I returned from San Diego. They involve cabbage and a creamy sauce, so check it out. I have recently begun seeing a new fox near my home. I have three in regular rotation (Jaunty Fox, Jamie Foxx, and Michael J. Fox) so I named this one Rupert Murdoch!