Saturday, June 14, 2008

Car Cat


I hope you are in the midst of a delightful weekend! Happy Father's Day to all you daddies out there; especially to Mr. JS, as we met his newborn daughter this week! Adorbs. And congrats to Mrs. JS too, of course!

DSCN3652.JPG (R's mountain bike, robbed of fenders and lights to trick out my hybrid bike! Also the hallway where our three bikes spent the winter.)

Currently I am damp from my first nighttime bike ride! Not only am I a recent bike convert, partially because of my triathlon training (less than a month away!) but also because I'm commuting to work! My new job is seven minutes away by bike. This is perfect for me as I don't get too sweaty or nappy-haired, and also because there is no parking at my workplace; plus I'm saving the earth or whatever.

Tonight the plan was to meet sis AB and some of her peeps at a local bowling alley. R said, "It's really close; let's ride our bikes." Of course a thunderous downpour occurred while we were bowling! It was fun to ride home in the rain with our lights flashing!

Today bro DHB rode his bike over to meet R for a disc golf excursion. Since the living/dining room was filled with cycles, I figured I better take a picture:
DSCN3653.JPG In the foreground, DHB's maroon Surly Steamroller fixie; in the background my blue Specialized mountain/hybrid bike. More hidden are our road bikes; R's Surly Cross Check and my "new" red Peugeot, which was a true find at a Motherland yard sale!! Apparently the latter is worth some money as it has a sought after steel frame.

DSCN3654.JPG These photos also illustrate why we need to buy a house with a garage!

The title of this Critter Corner refers to a phenomenon R and I witnessed this last week. While looking at homes in south Mlps, a blue Lumina passed us. It was adorned with multiple bumper stickers, but instead of a dog sticking its head out of the passenger window, there was a car cat!

It's true; a brown tabby, head out the window and alert and blissful in the manner of a pooch. Have any of you seen this car?! The funny thing is that the same car was parked near the Franklin Avenue public library on Tuesday night. The tabby was roaming the dashboard!

Someday I will take a photo of this car cat. Would your cats enjoy this type of activity? I think my Uncle JS's cat, Bob, rides in the car with him.



Brianne said...

I wish my cats were that cool, they just hide under the car seats.

I came across your blog through Miss Lippy's blog, she's a college friend of mine. I'm not a real stalker, I just have stalker tendencies.

Miss Lippy said...

Big W's cat Chucky likes to ride in the car. He sticks his nose out the window and sniffs all the smells. Very doglike. I didn't know you are training for a triathlon. Are you excited? Is it a whole one or a shortened version? Way to go. I'm jealous/impressed.

Big W said...

That is awesome. I'd yell a lot if I saw a cat like that.

It is true that Big Chuck does like rides, although now that I think of it, he's been deprived of them since we started adding human passengers. I think I'll have to take him for a ride sometime soon!!!