Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nov 2

Howdy and welcome to November 2nd. Today I could find neither my phone nor my water bottle as I left the house. Probably they are throwing a big party and bothering Stella in her kennel. Here is my outfit from yesterday. My photographer was sitting down as he took the picture, which explains the awkward angle of my bust and double chin.
This is a J Crew dress purchased at the University Avenue Goodwill. Boots from one of the Unique thrift stores? The plastic necklace I purchased in Northfield, MN on an excursion with my Mother in Law. You can't see the row of tiny red beads at the top of it. Happy Wednesday!

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k a t y said...

I am nuts about this dress! Beautiful! Coral? Are we gray thrift cowgirl boot twins? Enjoying your blog marathon, girl!