Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gift Thrift

Already I have failed NaNoBloPo. Hopefully no one wept at seeing I didn't post yesterday. Today I'd like to highlight two of my favorite items, both given to me by my beloved paternal Grandma D. Here we are a few years ago at Christmas:

I'm very thankful to have two wonderful grandmothers in my life!

The first item is this red orange dress. Perhaps someone can help with the history of it; did my Aunt J make the dress for Grandma Diane? Or did Aunt J make it for herself? Anyway, I LOVE how it fits me PERFECTLY. I resemble my Dad's side of the family and in this case genetics are a blessing.
Grandma D is also responsible for starting my Haeger flower pot collection, as she allowed me to remove this red pot from her basement. The plant inside it is a from a cutting from her as well! (I have never seen another pot like this one.)
What are some of your most treasured gifts?


Sarah said...

i love these two items! the red dress is foxy, and your grandmother is a fox. favorite gifts, and i will narrow the categories to, from grandmothers... i have some wonderful old linens from my paternal grandmother; also a fantastic set of wooden clothespins painted to look like, well, painted ladies. in the gifts from you category, i have a most favoured pair of dansko sandals from goodwill and a lovely, orange, cashmere sweater with three-quarter length sleeves that is on at least it's 4th season. xo

Miss Non-Sequitur said...

So glad you're back in blog land!! I've been thinking about your family so much...hugs and kisses!!