Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June Adventures

Greetings, all!

Man, for being recently unemployed for over a month, I sure have not posted a whole lot! Probably because I've been eating every meal outdoors and trying to relax, read, exercise and have fun with my Bobo-Dog. A summation of these activities is represented by this photograph:

Check out this adirondack chair and table set our across the alley neighbor GAVE US!
(I baked the neighbor a strawberry rhubarb pie to thank her.)

We finally went inside the Prospect Park Water Tower, after living in that neighborhood for over four years. The tower is open once yearly.



GH came to visit:

On the same night that R and I went to Fogo de Chao we saw our first baby bunnies of the year. Yes, two babies! They were right outside my teaching office, where we'd parked.

I'm glad to have tried Fogo de Chao, but honestly, only one of the meats was really delicious to me. It's an expensive place and I'm happy R's colleague was nice enough to treat us.

In non-meat news, R and his Dad destroyed our upstairs bathroom because water was leaking into the basement:
Goodbye, horrifying bathroom carpet!

The poop pipe to nowhere, which overflowed from the sink drain at this point behind the toilet:

Last week Stella and I went on a solo mission to the Minnesota River Valley Wildlife Preserve:

In the summer, Bobo toys with vegetarianism, sampling grass several times a day:

Deer tracks:


It is hard to take good pictures when your dog is really excited and you're holding the leash!

The first goose babies I've seen:

There were many great egrets at the preserve:

Stella and what I believe is a loon in the background:

Now I've returned to the working world, as a waitress! After an eight year hiatus, I think I'm getting the hang of modern serving, that is, with computerized ordering and credit card machines. Come visit me at the new Brasa on Grand Avenue in St. Paul!



Robert Reid said...

Love the blog. Would be curious if you have any experience or tips against 'gopher attacks'? I'm seriously researching about the likelihood of a gopher bite compared with the likelihood of being denied entry to the UK as a visitor.

Not sure how this got started.

I'm at reidontravel[at]gmail[dot]com

Your site is super.

Wendell said...

I don't know how you'd get close enough to a gopher to have one bite you.

Once when I was five years old there was a baby chipmunk lying under a tree and I picked it up and it bit my palm.

I think you'd have to work pretty hard to get bitten by any wild rodent!