Monday, May 25, 2009



I decided to chronicle the advance of spring, taking roughly one picture a week from March 15th to May 8th. This view of the Mississippi River is taken from the Marshall Avenue/Lake Street bridge.

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Finding summer employment has been a challenge! Although I had a lead, I applied for many other positions; medical records, nannying. One cashier job that paid $8 hourly had over 100 applicants. I was one of the fifteen chosen for an interview (without knowing the pay!) Anyway, the lead paid off and I'll be starting job training later this week. I'm quite thankful! More on that later.

To pass the time and alleviate the stress I've been budget gardening. My definition of this is to use supplies we already have and to move existing perennials into different locations. Also I love fixing up my yard!
My shade garden, with a border made of glazed bricks I found buried and stacked around the yard! The bricks are crooked because it appears we don't have a true poured cement sidewalk; rather it consists of cement pavers which are not set in a straight line.

The herb garden:

The window boxes.
The tall scraggly plants are vincas which were rescued from the front yard last fall and wintered indoors. We'll see if they survive and flower after I trim them down.

The front garden.
DSCN5014.JPG I'm excited that the white anemones and lily of the valley came up of their own accord!

Obviously I purchased some annuals to fill the flower boxes and garden bed. I love the perennial creeping phlox and divided a big box. Hopefully they'll flourish!

My neighbor's school had a flower sale and I purchased this lovely fuchsia for only $17!

I have a new rain awareness now because I have to water everything! May has been dry as a mofo; we're two inches behind here in Minnesota. R and I are thinking about getting soaker hoses.

The dryness has had a serious effect on that most important spring crop, morels!
I found a few dessicated specimens at our old apartment. (Shhhh!) No one seemed to catch me walking hunched-over around the property....

Even my expert 'shroomer Dad has had trouble finding morels in Wisconsin, although he did spare a meal for us when we visited last weekend.

As R and I drove to the Motherland we spotted:
A turkey vulture in a tree!

Wild turkeys!

A porcupine (deceased.)

Sandhill Crane.jpg
A sandhill crane!

Hope you're all having a fantastic May!


Senor R said...

Look out, I think I saw the hubby planting something in one of those photos!

The Pisarzewicz Family said...

You should get rain barrels. Check with your city--they may have them for a good price. Happy summer!