Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hey dudes,

As of yesterday, R and I are officially homeowners!

The rear of the home:
rear of home.JPG

I haven't moved in four years. While it is so exciting to move forward and make changes, it's hard to say goodbye too. Perhaps the hardest thing is just changing the daily routine. Only when everything is in destruction mode do you realize how much you cling to the daily cup of coffee while sitting in the same chair, coming home from work and plopping down on the (disgusting) couch (which I was hoping to abandon at the curb....I guess we will be moving it!)

The random items tucked into closets can bring back a lot of memories as well. I found my old cordless phone from high school and college, and I felt sad to plop it in the Goodwill pile. The act of moving puts into focus how you've changed; it's sort of a twilight time where all of your past relocations come together, outlining your story.

(We got a lot of boxes from the liquor store!)



Hopefully I can post photos of our house next week!

P.S. There is a friendly neighbor cat who came over to our new crib last night and willingly submitted to my lovies. Nice.


Bill said...


Cousin JS said...

holy crap...the back of your house kind of looks like the family estate in WI...seriously!

Miss Non-Sequitur said...

AWWWW all those boxes make me a little sad too :( booo hoooo Good Bye Wendell's old House, I'll miss your living room floor (NOT!) :) Just kidding, can't wait to see the new house!