Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wendell's Weaknesses Part 2


I hope you are all doing well on this spring Saturday!

Critters in the News:

Did our ancestors leave Africa earlier than we thought?

New critters found in Antarctica!

The mystery of squid beaks - and a possible application for human medical care.

As illustrated in my previous Wendell's Weaknesses post, I do have some problems with household stuff. Today's entry stems from a horticultural project I started back in January. In that cold, desperate month, I decided to plant some seeds indoors, which included cilantro, mint and basil. After making some threats to HS and BS, children of the mint farmer The Carrot Queen, regarding my mint production rivaling theirs, eventually I had to call the Queen herself for some germination advice. Because my seeds weren't growing.


I replanted the remaining mint seeds a few months ago:

See the tiny seedling in the front?!

I also took some morning glory seeds from the plant outside my sis-in-law AB's front door, and planted them concurrently with the mint seeds:


There was one success story from January, however:


Observe the tiny cilantro/coriander plants!

In this similar photo, you can see the successful growth of a little nectarine tree I planted from a pit a year ago!


This week things turned around for the mint and morning glory pots, however. Unfortunately, I buried the little mint seedling while watering the plant and couldn't find it again:


But, check out the morning glory pot!


The January basil was a total wash, so I got sneaky last weekend and purchased this at the grocery store:



(Can you see my curly hair coming down the front of the pot?!)

But, several days later:

Maybe the greenhouse sprayed something to kill the basil roots and it's not my fault the plant is fading. Right?

Moving outdoors, my West Coast Cousin, Senor R, has been blogging about his various blooming daffodils, azalea and other plants. This is what's appearing outside of our apartment building:



But the front yard looks like this:


Have a good week!

Seed happy,


Poundpapi said...

Hey! Isn't mint supposed to be that absolute easiest thing in the world to grow? I guess we've been lied to all along. Considering that the cilantro is doing so well, maybe some of my PR juju was left in the apartment? Do you think that it's also killing the mint? I feel good and bad now. See you in a few weeks!

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Plants make me happy. (Even if mine die even sooner than yours!!) Let's live out in the country together and have adjoining gardens :)

Big W said...

Dude! My tulips are sprouting too! Perhaps there is hope?