Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey y'all.

Spotted any critters lately?!

I'm hoping to bring our camera to my workplace soon, as I've been again spotting voles, baby bunnies, and, the long-awaited immature squirrel:

Two babies, actually.

This week has been busy though as we might be buying a house! The inspection is Friday; keep your fingers crossed! The potential property does have a verdant yard with mature trees...surely a critter habitat?

More to come.


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Miss Lippy said...

How exciting, Wendell! How did the inspection go? I hope you get the house. I've seen a number of hawks lately. Yesterday on my way to the half-marathon, I asked God to give me a hawk-sighting for good luck. One flew over the car about 10 seconds later. Hopefully there are lots of nice animals in your potential new 'hood!