Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just like Jesse James

Howdy, y'all!

This weekend marked my inaugural Defeat of Jesse James Days in Northfield, MN. Even better, the Domestic Nemesis herself, GH, came up to visit!

Here we are at the B family homestead; notice Horndexter the cat roaming in the background!

Here are R and D, aka the Surly brothers, prior to their 60 mile Jesse James Days bike ride! Rock on!

After R, GH and I watched the reenactment of the bank robbery, we headed down to the fireman's bingo tent, where I immediately won!

The prize was $15! With which I purchased fried cheese curds and cotton candy.

As you might recall from my last post, I was excited to find a salamander last week. Thankfully sister LW is keeping me posted on the amphibian goings-on at her house. This weekend she reported seeing TWO salamanders together, and confirmed that they are the spotted variety:

This morning she rescued another salamander as it walked across her driveway!

As for my own pets, R gave me a PetSmart gift card for my birthday, with the intention of buying me a new aquarium. I've been thinking about this one. My research suggests that the aquarium stands sold along with the tanks are not the highest quality, so I might stick with my old wooden sewing machine table. The 18 gallon tank from the link would fit nicely on top of that, and would be an upgrade in size from my 11 year old ten gallon aquarium.


I will keep you posted on any aquatic acquisitions.

Today as I drove to the PetSmart on Stinson Blvd., I passed the marmot field...empty of rodents. Now I worry about them. Has anyone seen any groundhogs?

Hugs to you all and happy Monday!


Katy said...

i can't believe you won a bingo game! all these years i've never won!

i name you the djjd princess.

Maven said...

True story: my ex-boyfriend is responsible for the name "Surly Bikes." I apologize if I've told this one before.

Wendell said...


I had no idea! But one of Anna B's friend's girlfriend is the daughter of the company that owns Surly.

What came first, Surly beer or Surly bikes?

Maven said...

Bikes. The beer is unrelated, but evidently there's lots of surliness up here in the northland.

Miss Non-Sequitur said...

Aww cute pics bud!! You are a BINGO BABE!!