Friday, May 30, 2008

'Sconnie Report/Memorial Day

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a good Friday! Has anyone else just eaten a big plate of nachos? Yum.

Thrift news:
If you haven't been to a thrift store lately, take note: tonight at the Univ. Ave Goodwill I found two pairs of Joe's Jeans, a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans and a pair of Level 99 jeans. At Macy's or Anthropologie these brands run $99 to $200; at Goodwill they were $6.99 apiece. I bought the Level 99 and the Citizens of Humanity pants (neither of which were in my size) for either of my sisters in law to try. The Joe's Jeans were tiny; size 25. I should have bought them to sell on Ebay for a major profit....

Traveling news:
Last weekend I journeyed to south central WI, my Motherland.

In the first critter report, observe the cuteness of my sister L and her boyf C's new puppy. L and Diesel:
Of course, L is cute too!

It is hard to take pictures of puppies as they are constantly moving. My Dad carried Diesel out to the garage to get a treat.
He refers to Diesel and Chevy as "his dogs".

Chevy is L's dog and is ten months old. Because of the younger puppy, and because he is EXCITED Chevy wiggles around more, too. Here sis K attempts to snuggle Chevy!

One of the main purposes of the trip was to go morel-hunting with my Dad! More mushroom p0rn:

These "yellows" as my Dad called them, were significantly bigger than the morels I found in my Minneapolis backyard!

We collected two plastic grocery bags full of morels!

Both good and evil reside in the forest:

(Heebie jeebies, heebie jeebies! Check out this post regarding tent caterpillars!)

How many of you have encountered one of these in the woods?
So precious and tiny.

Look at the fawn's delicate little hoof peeking out! I loved him so much. My Dad says that baby fawns remain scentless for about a week after they are born. He suspected the Mama deer was very close by.

The next day I left my ancestral home and headed to Wisconsin's capital, Madison! It was great to be reunited with GH, aka the Domestic Nemesis! With her shiny new Master's Degree, we conquered the city!

A fellow graduate of my high school, KZ, joined in our State Street frolic. She's working on her Doctorate at the UW.
I steal her necklace.

GH and I went out for a FABULOUS (and cheap!) dinner on the Square, at Muramoto. After enjoying great sushi, an exquisite miso-grilled sea bass, and a fascinating six course beef rib prix fixe menu, we were some happy campers! Interestingly, that very afternoon sis L went out for sushi at the other location!

Another important part of the trip was my Mom's birthday on Monday! We took her out for dinner.
(Why does my Dad look happier holding the dog than standing next to his wife and daughter?!?)

We were all surprised and excited when family friend, HS, announced that her boyfriend D proposed to her on Memorial Day! HS and I at Christmas:
Congratulations, H and D!

Stay tuned for a 93% critter-related post very soon!


P.S. Has anyone seen a baby bunny yet?! I haven't. :(


lorimo said...

We found a nest of baby bunnies underneath our rhubarb plant. Last year the mom had dug a whole in the garden, I guess she decided they were safe enough under the big leaves of the plant this time.

Wendell said...

Thank you for the report, lorimo! I will keep my eyes peeled in my own 'hood.

Miss Lippy said...

Are tent caterpillars an invasive species? I don't recall them being around so much when I was a kid. I do, however, recall sitting on one of them at BS's graduation party a couple years ago and having a Mtn Dew-colored stain on my ass for the remainder of the evening. You should've kept the fawn!

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Great Pics Wendell!! You are a shining star as always! Your Mom looks so nice in red and I hope she had a good birthday! :)