Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey dudes,

How goes it?

Things are good here, although I'm mighty tired tonight! Not as tired as the Domestic Nemesis, as she's finishing her last grad school paper RIGHT NOW! You can do it, buddy.

My temp job ends Friday, and for the last week and half I have been hauling books in the university book store warehouse. It makes me feel tough because I'm the only girl! But today my body is pretty tired from walking around all day, picking up stacks of books, alphabetizing them, putting them on carts, wheeling the cart to the correct shelf and locating the book pile and placing the books on it. I used to do work like this all the time; I think a few pounds may have crept on because I switched jobs.

Critter report: There are yellow finches in the trees outside the warehouse!

Now, a brief meme.

Stuff that is driving me crazy:
*Two super sensitive teeth; the Sensodyne the dentist recommended is not working!
*An 11 day emotional crisis every month (making a MD appt. for this)
*My hair (but I got new highlights today!)
*Happy people. (Just kidding) (Partially kidding.)

Things I am looking forward to:
*An overnight camping and geocaching trip to this State Park!
*Traveling to the Motherland next weekend with SH to go morel-hunting!
*Summer in general.
*Meeting my sister L's new puppy!

Finally, a picture of my sister AG's cute doggy, "Kung Fu":

Hugs and shout-outs,

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Annie said...

Ohhh.. my cute lil dog Ninj:)