Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey Buddies!

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're filled with love or hate today, check out The Current tonight; either for on-air love songs (awesome) or online break up songs!

Ryan Adams says "Happy Valentine's Day", too:

Have you heard his song "Gonna Make You Love Me" on those AT&T cell phone commercials?

"Gonna Make You Love Me" is from Ryan's 2001 album Gold.

The same song is featured on an episode of Undeclared, a Judd Apatow produced TV show from 2001-2002. R and I rented the show on Netflix; it's really funny and highly recommended!

This weekend I'm headed to the Motherland to see Ms. Non-Sequitur and my family! I hope you have fun plans for President's Day weekend too!

Meanwhile, snuggle with your sweetie today!



Miss Lippy said...

I like the interspecies lovin' you've shown. It's a great lesson in tolerance. Hope your trip to the Woods was safe and enjoyable. I discovered RA's song "Two" this summer and fell in love with it before I even knew who sang it. I'm getting on board with your affection for him.

Katie said...

I forgot to tell you that I definitely dig R.A., esp. now that I've seen his picture. Yum.

I also want one of those phones.

The domestic nemesis is ill. She's kind of a baby when she gets sick. Of course, I never complain. Never.

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

I AM NOT a baby! you BRAT. I was seriously dying. :) You know it's true!

Critter Goddess, is that hamster real? I think it's a fake stuffed animal. heh heh

Wendell said...

No fighting in the comments!