Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New and New to Me Thrift Stores

In the former Joe's Garage restaurant at University and Fairview Avenues in St. Paul is the new Second Debut store. Run by Goodwill Industries, Second Debut features high-end clothing and designer shoes and jeans. The store seemed to cater to a person older than myself, but did have a great selection of pre-owned items. Running the gamut from a Gucci jacket ($150) to Express Jeans ($14.99) prices are obviously higher than at the neighboring Goodwill Store. Clothing is arranged by size and genre and includes accessories and a large shoe room, where a size 7.5 pair of Manolo Blahnik black pumps sold for $79.99. Definitely check it out!

I recently made my inaugural visit to a thrift store in St. Anthony, Hidden Treasures. This was a very neat, well organized store of the "smells like Grandma's basement" variety.

Hidden Treasures had furniture and loads of kitchenware, including many matched sets of dishes. The usual vases, candle stuff, cutlery, Tupperware and wicker baskets were included, as well as a large selection of books and video cassettes. There was a tempting but too small black velvet and taffeta dress, but otherwise the clothing was from the Kohls/Kmart/Walmart ilk, mostly dated. For $19.99 I purchased a dehumidifier that appeared to work in the store when I plugged it in, and proved to indeed dehumidify our basement! I also found clothes for my niece and nephew (1 and 3) who had their birthdays this week.

(The tags with the bar codes are from Hidden Treasures; the others are from the St. Anthony Unique Thrift store.)

I feel both stores are worth checking out; Second Debut for the cream of the Goodwill clothes crop, and Hidden Treasures for who knows what! Ah, the beauty of thrifting.

Happy shopping,

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